I am Jayashree as I’m affected with 2 jins. I have undergone lamp treatment to cure my problems and I faced 11days challenge during this course. The wick is made of so powerful can’t able to see it continuously because I had lots of eyes irritation and disturbance by seeing it. My body became restless these jins make me to scare and felt like someone is holding my shoulder and dragging me back. In these 11 days i have a unbearable cough and head ache, hair pulling. I will sit and see lamp’s wick per day 45 minutes by chanting the word Yashadheedh. Yashadheedh is so powerful word which makes me to get relief from pain within a second. on 10th day felt much better and happiest moment i.e. im going to get cleared as soon as possible and trust my sir has given this treatment for me.