My name is Aysha. I am from Chennai living at Anna Nagar I was severely suffering from a kind mental attitude because of my menstrual problem. Which lead to my divorce which ender my 12 years of married life as I was not able to have physical relation with my husband as pleaser. Some time I feel as I am walking in the air without the support of my feet. So, my mother took me to Quadiriya Divine Centre with advice from my aunt to met Movlana. He made me to sit and started to recite some Ayath from Quran. Then he found out that I was affected by a female Roohani ( dead body soul) That Roohani told Moulana that it was a married and pregnant woman who died at the time of delivery due to heavy bleeding That Roohani found me before my marriage to be suitable person where it can stay in. And because of this effect my married life was spoiled. Moulana relived me from that Roohani. I feel very much upset with my mother, if she would have taken me to Moulana before my divorce. My married life would not have been spoiled. Now I feel better physically mentally: I thank Hazrath very much.

Ayisha – Chennai

My name is Mohideen living in Chennai at Ambattur. I was admitted in the hospital as my white blood cells was hugely found less in my blood level. The Doctor gave me 37 pouch of radius blood but nothing helps the doctor were understandable confused and I felt that they are not able to find a proper solution. My In-law arranged one Hazrath to come and pray for me. Hazrath asked my name date of birth and my mother’s name. He did some calculation and told that I have been affected with black magic to capture my property. Next day Hazrath gave me a green color water to drink with empty stomach; Within 3 days my W.B.C levels were found increasing and I was completely cured. I am thankful to Hazrath who made me to live again.

Moideen – Chennai

My name is Nasar Living in Living in Tiruvannamalai District my wife was regularly suffering from severe stomach pain once in a year. for almost 10 years she was suffering from the same. One day Fareed Hazrath came to our mahalla Masjid to deliver Bayan (speech) whom I said the sufferings of my wife. He gave me some holy water for my wife to drink. My wife drank the water after 30 minutes she started vomiting from then onwards she was completely cured and she never again got that kind of stomach pain in her life My wife and I are thankful to Hazrath. This is an opportunity to share my experince. Fareed Hazrath has saved my son’s life, my brother’s life as well as my brother in law’s life.

Nasar – Tiruvannamalai

My name is Muzaffer. I am a Hard ware Engineer. Once I went to meet Hazrath of Q.D.C. with my mother as I was jobless where ever I go to ask for job I was rejected. Hazratha said to us to change the house as it was under the influence of Kamatchi Amman jinn, to which my mother didn’t accept as the house where we lived was of much facilities. After some day my mother started to behave rudely which was quite abnormal. I was afraid, and then I called this Hazrath. Who came and saw my mother and found out that she was affected by Kamatchi Amman jinn. Hazrath spoke to the jinn that jinn told him to tell us to vacate the house immediately otherwise the consequence will be terrible. Hazrath strictly told us to vacate the house in 10 days. We did the same Now I am working in a software company as a system administrator. My mother is also fine. Thanks to Hazrath.

Muzaffar – Chennai

Hi my name is Deepika..I had a problem in my health which was an unknown issues after the multiple consultations and checkups and test taken by the doctor everyone said that there is no problem seems in my health where I was not in a consciousness.. Finally my parents took me to this centre where we met the healer Mr. Fareedudeen. My father explained everything about my problems and he came to know how am I. Atlast he gave us the positive thoughts and hope that this issue can be resolved and I had undergone the treatment and I became normal.. Now I’m living my lovely life with my family… It’s all because of him.. I thank u so much sir for giving my life back without you today am nothing.. Thank you God for showing me this wonderful person in my life and he gave my life back.. Thanks a lot..

Deepika – Chennai

I am Jayashree as I’m affected with 2 jins. I have undergone lamp treatment to cure my problems and I faced 11days challenge during this course. The wick is made of so powerful can’t able to see it continuously because I had lots of eyes irritation and disturbance by seeing it. My body became restless these jins make me to scare and felt like someone is holding my shoulder and dragging me back. In these 11 days i have a unbearable cough and head ache, hair pulling. I will sit and see lamp’s wick per day 45 minutes by chanting the word Yashadheedh. Yashadheedh is so powerful word which makes me to get relief from pain within a second. on 10th day felt much better and happiest moment i.e. im going to get cleared as soon as possible and trust my sir has given this treatment for me.

Jayashree – Chennai

First of all I want to thank my friend Thameem who introduced me this great person while we were disappointed in all attempt of medication and helpless for my elder sister Ramya’s problem. by the influence of myfriend we brought him to our house. Once he stepped into our house he found out core of the problem very easily and solved it completely within 45 days. We are all our family members so happy and much thankful to him.

Karthik – Chennai

Hi I’m Hajira Retired Headmiss of Gov School. Assalamu Alikum ( Peace be uopn you all) While my daughter’s married life has gon under the quession, I was much upset and helpless. By the grace of Almighty Allah at that time I got  this  centre’s address in Google search. I don’t want to explain fully what happened to my daughter’s life. But I’m sure it was amazing experience with Quadiriya Divine Centre with positive energy. I thank him very much for solving and saving my daughter’s life.  Fareed Moulana is much talented and well experinced person.

Hajira – Chennai

Hi I’m Jagan working in a private media company. I got source to reach this venue of challenging tasks thorugh online search. I don’t want to explain everything what happened to me. But really it was Amazing experience with Quadiriya Divine Centre. I thank him  very much for giving my life back.  Fareed sir is Trust worthy and genuine person in this field.

Jaganathan – Chennai

I’m Malathy doing service as Teacher in a private school. I came to know about this person through my neighbor Dennis. Since I have lot of problems at my home  especially about my husband. So, I went to meet at his place. He just asked my husband’s name, he reaveled out each and evrything immediately about my husband. He is the master in foretelling. He saved me and my family from so many dangerous evnts. I’m much thankful to him as long as I’m alive.

Malathy – Redhills