Hi my name is Deepika..

I had a problem in my health which was an unknown issues after the multiple consultations and checkups and test taken by the doctor everyone said that there is no problem seems in my health where I was not in a consciousness..

Finally my parents took me to this centre where we met the healer Mr. Fareedudeen. My father explained everything about my problems and he came to know how am I. Atlast he gave us the positive thoughts and hope that this issue can be resolved and I had undergone the treatment and I became normal.. Now I’m living my lovely life with my family…

It’s all because of him.. I thank u so much sir for giving my life back without you today am nothing.. Thank you God for showing me this wonderful person in my life and he gave my life back.. Thanks a lot..

Deepika, Manali Mathur 

Mobile:  9551041030

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