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Our Online Tamil Monthly Magazine “AHLUSSUNNAH” is one of the leading Islamic magazines in Tamil Nadu, India. Our main goal is to save our Islamic brothers and sisters from wrong school of thoughts Wahabisam and guide them towards right and straight path in the trace of our Sunni forefathers with authenticated Sunni Aqaeth which based on Quran, Hadees, Ijama-ul- Ummah and Kiyas. For more details please log on now  https://ahlussunnah.in

Welcome to Mothi Matrimony

Mothi Matrimony.com is the most trusted and widely used matrimonial site Since its inception in 2013, it is helping till this date every year to find the life partner of their choice within the shortest time possible and thus enable them to lead a happy wedded life.

Membership of Mothi Matrimony.com is phenomenally increasing day by day with more and more members coming into its fold. Those are seeking their life partner. Mothi Matrimony.com has made on line match making an easy, time-saving and pleasurable experience.Mothi Matrimony.com is committed to provide a safe and dedicated Matrimonial service conforming to the tenets of ethics.

In the present day world of hectic activities full of nervousness and hurry, one has hardly any time and energy to seek a life partner in the conventional way of finding a partner through the help of extended family circles and friends or through genuine brokers.   They invariably believe it is easy to turn to matrimonial columns in papers and websites.  Harnessing the latest technological advances in the IT industry, Mothi Matrimony.com has provided a number of sophisticated user friendly facilities in making the search process the easiest, time saving, more choices to choose suitable life partner and trust-worthy procedure for all communities.

In the shortest time Mothi Matrimony.com has been able to earn name and fame because of the untiring and the most dedication and trust-worthy team of employees who toil day and night to make this site the first and foremost in the world.


Welcome to Call For SMS

CALL FOR SMS is an unit of “Mass Media Power”, a Digital marketing Company which is located in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. We hope in customer’s satisfaction as the highest priority above anything and everything. We’re couple of dedicated individuals striving hard to deliver bulk sms service at best rates ever possible without compromising the quality.

Bulk sms has occupied  an unavoidable place in publishing Advertisements in India to promote any kind of business. Avail bulk sms services to achieve maximum success in your business ventures. Be it Bulk SMS for marketing (or) group sms (or) transactional sms, we have the most user friendly interface in the industry integrated with our cutting edge modern technologies to meet your needs.

Our SMS API’s are easy to integrate in any application, irrespective of the Platform you’re using. Above all, there are no setup charges for API or for anything other than the sms you consume.